Military Star® Card

GVR is proud to accept the MILITARY STAR® Card for your vacation purchases.

Hotels, Cruises, & Air Reservations:

The MILITARY STAR® Card can be used directly online for cruise, resort, hotel and air purchases. Simply select the card as the method of payment and follow the normal steps for booking your travel.

Vacation Packages & Car Rentals:

Vacation packages and custom products can be booked using your MILITARY STAR® Card, however you must call in to process the reservation. Online bookings are not available at this time when using your MILITARY STAR® Card.

Car rental reservations are not able to be reserved with a MILITARY STAR® Card due to payment being made directly with the car rental agencies and not with Government Vacation Rewards.

Note: The MILITARY STAR® Card can only be accepted by verified GVR subscribers. If you do not have access to use your MILITARY STAR® Card and would like access, call us at 1.866.691.5109 and let us know you would like access. Thank you.

*Please note fees may be assessed when paying with your MILITARY STAR® Card for reservations by phone and/or for air reservations online. Please note that government, taxes, airline, and/or airport taxes and fees may still apply. Fees are subject to change at any time.

California Seller of Travel CST #2066521-50; Washington UBI # 602 443 155 001 0001; Hawaii Travel Agent TAR #5192; Florida ST #29452