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Anyone can visit the sights, but with Globus you also get the little-known insights, engaging commentary, and unique experiences that tell the story of the destination. For more than 80 years, Globus has been delivering first-class experiences for travelers.

About Brendan

When planning a vacation, there are certain things you will want to know about the company you choose to travel with. Are they experienced? Are they financially secure? Do they provide good value for your money? We are proud to say that Brendan has been in business for nearly 40 years, all that time creating memorable vacations for hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. As a founding member of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), we have furnished $1 Million to USTOA to insure and protect your money.

We here at Brendan believe that motorcoach travel beats any other way of touring. You sit high above the road and traffic, enjoying the scenery, resting while you are moving, arriving relaxed and ready for more. Touring means more than just seeing the sights. With Brendan, important inside visits are included in the price of your tour.

Brendan has made it a priority to choose only the most exceptional people to escort our tours and represent us throughout the world. In essence, our Tour Directors, drivers and guides are Brendan.

At the end of the day, you will want to relax in a comfortable, clean, attractive hotel. You want to feel welcome and well looked after. Rest assured that when you travel with Brendan, you can expect first class hotels in convenient locations that provide the highest standard of service. Brendan is a family operated company whose philosophy is very simple... provide a unique vacation experience that will keep you coming back to us year after year. We make certain promises to you and we live up to them. No surprises and no hidden extras. But you be the judge. Please compare the itineraries on our website and in our brochures with anything in the market; they stand on their own merit.

Brendan Destinations


Travel in Africa encompasses a vast array of experiences, and Brendan Vacations is positioned to offer you the best. Explore the exotic sights and sounds of East Africa, South Africa, Egypt and Morocco.

Australia & New Zealand

From Australia's Outback to glacier-carved fjords in New Zealand's Milford Sound, Brendan Vacations offer a variety of travel experiences. Whatever your travel desire, Brendan offers you the most variety.


An experienced, English-speaking Tour Director will accompany you on a scheduled itinerary with pre-booked hotels, regional cuisine, transportation, sightseeing and entertainment. Or, for those wanting to plan their own itinerary or to take a quick getaway, an independent vacation may be the perfect answer.


Tour Europe and enjoy beauty and endless variety. From the legacy of the ancients to medieval castles to the dynamic cultures of today, Brendan travelers find a fascinating blend of influences everywhere.


Brendan's intimate knowledge of Ireland comes from years of driving the scenic highways and back roads, museums, and historic sites along the way. Indulge in an unforgettable Brendan vacation.

River Cruises

Choices for European river travel range wider than ever, including the brand new ms Poetry. You can count on Brendan to make your exploration of the rivers of Europe unforgettable.

South & Central America

From the haunting, echoing landscapes of the Atacama desert to the adorable penguins shuffling about the Seno Otway reserve, Chile travel is a must-do for any adventure traveler. Or, travel to Peru and experience ancient ruins, traditions, and jungles! Plan your Peru tour to trek the Inca Trail, wander the charming Cusco markets.

USA & Canada

Travel the wide horizons of the Midwest to the canyon lands of the Southwest, to the delights of Golden California and Copper Canyon, Brendan North America offers a range of travel experiences.

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